Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cranky Pics

from the last 3 weeks.

props to all who showed today despite the shitty weather.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Smashed a good ride today ready for the main event

See you all tomorrow.. roll call??
Apologies for non-cycling related content;

7.13 AM

7.17 AM
Are u going to school today

I wake around eight thirty to the second sms, puzzled, the number is identical to mine bar the last digit.
I reply quickly and jump in the shower,
Who goes to school on a saturday anyway?

Disregarding the earlier messages as nothing more than a wrong number I check my phone again after dressing.

8.33 AM
wait just tel me r u a boy or a girl

Alarm bells, what treacherous plot is this? What foul demon awaits, lurking with evil intention toward school aged children? I reply,
Wouldn't you like to know? I guess you're male 14-16

8.59 AM
no im not im in grade 6

Now I'm confused and apprehensive, is this an actual eleven year old, and if so, have I said anything inappropriate? I decide the only option is to rant,
Intriguing. Your number suggests a mobile contract I assume your parents are responsible for. Having made an arguably sensible decision regarding a plan which probably includes unlimited text, they've unfortunately neglected to monitor closely enough the misspelled and grammatically incorrect nonsense they've been paying for.
How come you didn't get an iPhone?

9.25 AM
what dont text me any more ok

To which I think to myself, perfect, fuck off.

9.28 AM
just wait how old are u first u are like in your 30s

The nerve. Shouldn't this kid be participating in some compulsory sports torture on a Saturday? Despite my reluctance to bite, I can't resist offering a cryptic timeline,
When you were born I was listening to Wu Tang. Go wiki that shit kid. Have a nice day.

9.36 AM
what i didnt get that

I reply,
Haha exactly.

9.41 AM
no tell mi

9.44 AM
please tell me

9.56 AM
dont text me any more

This is so going on my blog.

10.01 AM
what is a blog

10.05 AM
hey what is a blog

10.17 AM
come on tell me what blog is

Friday, August 29, 2008

Group order?

getting a new wheelset from this dude and some tyres.

anyone want to combine for cheaper shipping?

the white vittoria tyres end up costing around $35 each as opposed to $50

peace, see ya'll sunday (weather aint lookin good!)


Thursday, August 28, 2008


For sale:
Campagnolo Xenon Seatpost (26.2mm) in the box

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Goodbye to any of the peeps I missed on last weeks ride..
Been nice ridin with you..
I'll try and keep y'all posted with travels..
Keep rollin and keep in touch.. maybe I'll see you overseas..

Just wondering if anyone has printed up those spokecards yet?
evisu  x

new shit

Monday, August 25, 2008


1. Thinking chains are disposable and should be replaced when they start getting noisy/grimey.
This one I commited probably the first 8 months of riding fixed before realizing how easy it is to clean/re-lube a chain. I was coming from a background in riding beater 10-speeds on the street, and like most people who strictly ride absolutely **** bikes and don't know the difference between anything else, I figured noise was something that could only be replaced, not repaired. Either way, cleaning chains is cake and there are many guides online that explain it better than I could.

1.5. Buying Z-Chains.
Sometimes I still do this because there's no other option (in my college town atleast). But really, Z-Chains are probably the most carried and ****tiest 1/8" chain around. They stretch in a few months usually, and after that happens you have to throw them out. Better chain for similar dough IMO is the SRAM PC-1.

2. Thinking tubes are disposable.
It may seem easier to just replace a tube when you're a beginner, but with the rising price of tires and tubes these days (which corellates directly with the rising price of oil and falling dollar), it's a lot better idea to learn to patch and do it often in the case of flats. I used to be suspicious of patches and thought they'd come off but this turned out to be grounded in myth. Have a friend or shop show you the proper way to patch a tube / figure out where the tube got pierced, or just read the instructions that come with a patch kit.

3. Paying for rear tires (while running brakeless).
I'm sure a lot of people still do this. But when even the best tires get only a few months of skidding/skipping before they're time for the trash, this is kind of a mentally handicapped way to waste money. Bike shops throw out perfectly good tires every day, and either just put them in the dumpster, the back of the shop or a free box. If you're not sure where a shop puts said perfectly fine tires (and you already support them with your cash), ask someone who works there. But you obviously have to be careful as some tires are thrown out for a legitimate reason (i.e. they're trashed). Inspect all dumpster tires thoroughly or have a friend show you what to look for if you can't figure it out. Things like busted sidewalls, random gouges, exposed casing and damaged beads are some obvious ones.

4. Thinking things like clipless shoes, helmets and spandex are lame.
I know plenty of people are still under this assumption, but the truth is if you mature out of the little bubble of cycling for fashion or fixed gear freestyling and become aware of the greater world of bikes, you'll agree that none of these things are lame.

Clipless, first of all, is one of the most purely performance minded upgrades you can do, and a well-fitted clipless setup will make you faster and give you more control. If you start getting fast you'll appreciate the feel of them, but if you stay stuck in the world of cruising along at 13mph (not necessarily a bad thing), you won't.

Helmets - the more years you put into riding bikes, the more conscious you become of the vulnerable position you're in on a bike and the dangers you face all around you. It's not the ones you see, it's the ones who don't see you that you have to worry about when on the road and not turning into an adult vegetable. Now I personally don't wear my helmet as much as I should but the more I think about it, the more it becomes apparent that I should be using it every day.

Spandex - another thing you'll figure out as you mature as a rider is that spandex isn't some funny thing you put on to try and look like the pros or get more 'aerodynamic', it's an absolute necessity if you start actually putting in serious miles (25+). Butt chaffing is a horrible thing. You'd be surprised how many people wear spandex shorts underneath their regular old jeans too.

5. Trying to do too much mechanical stuff when you have no idea what you're doing.
I've been guilty of this before (tried to teach myself to true a rim and failed) and I've seen a lot of people do some insanely dangerous/janky **** because they thought they knew what they were doing. If you want to work on your bike it's best to have someone else show you the ropes firsthand instead of poking around blindly. I know there's a small percentage of people that are naturally gifted as mechanics but for the rest of us this should be the rule.
5.5 Running the wrong chain tension and/or having a fault chainline
****ing up a chainline is not something you want to do. But chain tension is also important and I've even caught experienced mechanics messing this up and running chains at the tightest possible setting. Learn early on what's the proper tension, what's too loose and risks you throwing a chain, and what's so tight it kills your efficiency and wears the drivetrain way too fast.

BFSSFG BONUS #6. Thinking you're faster than a roadie because you passed them up during your commute.
Yes, I was obviously guilty of this one and even made a thread about it. I added this to the list after seeing someone else make the same thread today. While some of us are indeed very fast and some roadies are not and stay in cat 5's for life, generally the guys in spandex you see around town put in way more mileage and way more effort than some newjack on a Pista. Why aren't they going fast in the city in relation to you? Many reasons really - just finishing a 60 mile ride in the country, taking a recovery day, starting a warmup, etc. Roadies that race know that they need to be in top condition on race day and are aware of the benefits of not constantly going all out.

real production bmx

Green Guinea

Finally took a pic when there was a little bit of sun out and I remembered to do so. The few changes I've made have turned it into a completely different looking bike in my oppinion

Changed the handlebars, put on the black cranks, new cog (17 instead of 15), new pedals and toe clips and new tyres on front and back. Overall gave it a nice classic Italian look (hence the lame nickname)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008


When crank's are stubborn, shit gets messy

Black Sugino's are on. Pics of the bike up soon

Sunday, August 17, 2008

njs frames blogspot

Anyone ordering anything off NJS supermarket?
Should do a bulk order :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

GoldCross Cycles, Camberwell

Heard about this new joint a week or so ago, ended up driving past today.

Thought id suss it and give you local dudes a quick heads up.

Very proffessional and tidy place , nothing much happening on the fixie tip although there were a few tech track rigs and cheap pre built setups.

Couple of good dudes working in there, got everything you want (its massive) but dont go there to buy new tyres.

Camberwell road, across the road from the civic centre , can't miss.

peace, Micka.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Result of my Cheap tyre
lasted only 2days of hard skidding

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jazzies Bike

Finally good to go!!!!

Udon Bar
Oury Grips
Kashimax Five Gold 8P Keirin saddle
Sugino Cranks
Sugino Chainring
MKS Sylvan Pedals
Vittoria Rubino on the back
Vittoria Zaffiro on the front

Not 100% complete though. She'll probably give it chrome stem and seat post. White chain is on the cards as well

She also bought a 25.4" Nitto Pearl NJS track stem that isn't compatible so is now for sale


If you look on the right hand side now there is a section for the next ride.

Will be updated weekly at least, if there are other rides or special occasions we can change/add to it

We've changed back to Section 8 instead of Provider city due to traffic in Manchester Lane


 The kids in KL. Check their steez.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Vapors - The 2 Wheel Edition

If you don't want to buy it or want a sneak preview you can read the entire thing online here. It's a pretty good read with a bunch of interviews with fixie riders from San Fran and other places eg Mash guys, Mike Giant, Mishka, Retailers' Rigs amongst some other cool stuff

Danny's crash...
Go to the news....classic.

Dreams on wheels

The Dreams on Wheels exhibition will in the Atrium at Federation Square in Melbourne from 12 to 19 August. The exhibition is a showcase of Danish culture of cycling and innovative Danish bicycle design. This exhibition has been brought to Australia as part of celebrations marking the re-opening of the Royal Danish Embassy in Canberra.

Exhibition opening hours:
12 to 19 August 2008
Open all hours
Admission is free

The Atrium, Federation Square

Maybe before the allycat?


Next week! Meet at Brunswick Velodrome for 5pm start. $5 entry or somewhere similar, all money either goes to winner / bar at the end / to the guy who got smashed by the cement truck last week to buy a new crank set or something.

Ends up at the East Brunswick Club at about the time the Agents of Abhorrence / Embers show at Catfood Press kicks off.

Come have some fun hey.
Brakes / o brakes / fixed / freewheel all welcome!

(Courtesy of Samuel

Sunday, August 10, 2008


No ride today, was too busy bustin' these.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My skid vicious result, ouch!

Skid Vicious Video is in

thanks to Jay


For Memphis

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This Sunday - August 10th

Usual times: Greville St 11am, Provider City 12pm.

So, Sunday is almost upon us, where shall we ride?

Leave a comment to cast your idea!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


New Blog on the Melbourne Bike scene

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008


Finally Arrived

Straps for Hans, handlebars for Nate & Dave. Rest is for me. yippee

Skid Vid

LOW RES (sorry in advance)

I will edit the videos and upload better ones later.

Skid face

It was good to meet everyone, and check out all the bike porn!
Good work on getting the wheel Danny!