Saturday, August 30, 2008

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7.13 AM

7.17 AM
Are u going to school today

I wake around eight thirty to the second sms, puzzled, the number is identical to mine bar the last digit.
I reply quickly and jump in the shower,
Who goes to school on a saturday anyway?

Disregarding the earlier messages as nothing more than a wrong number I check my phone again after dressing.

8.33 AM
wait just tel me r u a boy or a girl

Alarm bells, what treacherous plot is this? What foul demon awaits, lurking with evil intention toward school aged children? I reply,
Wouldn't you like to know? I guess you're male 14-16

8.59 AM
no im not im in grade 6

Now I'm confused and apprehensive, is this an actual eleven year old, and if so, have I said anything inappropriate? I decide the only option is to rant,
Intriguing. Your number suggests a mobile contract I assume your parents are responsible for. Having made an arguably sensible decision regarding a plan which probably includes unlimited text, they've unfortunately neglected to monitor closely enough the misspelled and grammatically incorrect nonsense they've been paying for.
How come you didn't get an iPhone?

9.25 AM
what dont text me any more ok

To which I think to myself, perfect, fuck off.

9.28 AM
just wait how old are u first u are like in your 30s

The nerve. Shouldn't this kid be participating in some compulsory sports torture on a Saturday? Despite my reluctance to bite, I can't resist offering a cryptic timeline,
When you were born I was listening to Wu Tang. Go wiki that shit kid. Have a nice day.

9.36 AM
what i didnt get that

I reply,
Haha exactly.

9.41 AM
no tell mi

9.44 AM
please tell me

9.56 AM
dont text me any more

This is so going on my blog.

10.01 AM
what is a blog

10.05 AM
hey what is a blog

10.17 AM
come on tell me what blog is

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BIG SIME said...

hahaha ahhh boony you will talk to anyone!