Wednesday, September 24, 2008

THIS SUNDAY: CITY - SANDY (Weather Permitting)

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19.3 km each way

The Heist, Little Latrobe St
1. Head west on Little Latrobe St toward Elizabeth St
2. Turn left at Elizabeth St
3. Turn right at La Trobe St
4. Turn left at King St
5. Continue on Kings Way
7. Turn left at Canterbury Rd
8. Turn right at Cowderoy St
9. Turn left at Beaconsfield Parade
10. Slight right to stay on Beaconsfield Parade
11. Continue on Jacka Blvd
12. Continue on Marine Parade
13. Continue on Ormond Esplanade
14. Turn right at St Kilda Street
15. St Kilda Street turns slightly right and becomes Esplanade
16. Continue on Beach Rd
17. Slight left at Bay Rd


Jonut said...

Done it last week.

cam diamond said...

I am keen!

It looks like it may rain at some point on sunday...

I would recommend an early leave time.
Say 9am? we can have breakfast in Sandy!


karl said...

Just make sure what ever time you decide - you inform the rest of us!!!!!!!

Memphis said...

i reckon a 10am meet up could be done

BIG SIME said...

9am!! ahahahahaha oh Cam

deborah said...
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PARA said...

phwoar! 9am!

if last sat night is anything to go by, i got home at 7am......need atleast 5 hours of zee.

and memph, since you posted such detailed directions....maybe you can take the lead this week?

memphis is BOSS!

Memphis said...

sure im ok with taking the lead

lets see how the weather goes and hope we get some decent numbers

from the looks of it there was 2 different groups last week?

Nick said...

umm you dont need a 9am start for a Sandy bike ride, especially if you want to avoid lycra road warriors.
should take less than an hour to get down there.

Jonut said...

ps. there is NO food in Sandy. (stale fish and chips don't count)

Luke said...

so what time is meet up at heist then? 9? 10? 12??