Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feel like making your body hurt?
Enjoy the view of the water?
Like early mornings?

Maybe you should join the Cam 7am north melb - Frankston ride!


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Luke said...

what day and date? if its this saturday i could be down.

cam diamond said...

Yeah this Saturday!

Leaving the city at 7am

Grab breakfast in Black Rock.
A break at Mordi then onto Frankston!

We will feel like death at the end but my folks live down that way so we can grab some food and chill in the sun for a bit.

Trigger said...

I'm thinking of coming man, but I might turn around at black rock cause I gots stuff to do

Luke said...

make it 8, or even 9!! 7 is so early!!

PARA said...

this sounds like such a hell ride.

cam diamond said...

Hey guys!

I will be leaving North melbourne at 8am

So its not to early :)

If your keen meet at Fandangos on errol st at 7:30am and we can have a wake up coffee before we head off.

The reason for the early leaving time is a result of the heat.

Step up and get ready for a death ride :)

Luke said...

will you be passing through the CBD just after 8? If so let me know where and I'll probably come along.