Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturday ride!

I will be riding Saturday.

Looking at going for a fast ride, no waiting up style.

North Melbourne to Black Rock and back.
Leaving 11am from Fandangos on Errol st.

If you are keen for a fast ride and some summer fun let me know.

Cam aka most hated bike in melbourne :)


Jolan said...

I might be keen, but I'm from Adelaide and no idea where any of those places are. What are we talking distance wise? email me: info[at]


Luke said...

damn i'd defiently be down for this if i wasn't working.

malks said...

might be up for it, if i am i'll call you ♥ (no homo)

BIG SIME said...

Adelaide to Black rock is about 900 ks ;)

Jolan said...


Lucky I'm driving over on Friday then.

Memphis said...

working Saturday

will still be riding Sunday tho

cam diamond said...

Hey guys,
Need a show of hands who is coming so we can arrange the ride.

So far:

Ben leader (if he can get off work)

Jolan said...

Down for sure. I'm going to change out my rear tire tonight and everything.

PARA said...

fast ride, no waiting up style doesn't sound fun at all! :(

see ya'll on sunday