Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Weekend Before Christmas...

The Sunday past was most fun. We started with the 'Crankenmas' alleycat/scavenger hunt - where every checkpoint was a supermarket and we had a list of sundries to purchase. At the end of the race, we all rode to the soup kitchen in Abbotsford to donate all the stuff we accumulated, which ended up being a fair amount. 

Next we headed to the park around the corner for an awesome afternoon of snags and bike shananigans. All the usual suspects were there plus some. The highlight of the arvo was when Andy pulled out the 16 inch bikes and started a group race. It was the most hilarious thing I'd seen for a long while!!!

Other notables of the day goes to Ben 'Leader' and 'Trigger' who had a pretty decent crash when a car made an illegal u-turn at one intersection close to the race finish. One broken front wheel, a mashed ankle, a bloody elbow, one cut lip and a chainring to the stomach. Other than that everyone was ok. There was also the traditional footdown but I don't think there are any pictures of the event as eveyrone was either in it or too tired to bother manning the camera.

Shout outs to Andy and Lucas for such a great day!!!


The infamous 'NickC'

Race Finish

The 'LOOT'

'Chainring x T-Shirt'


'16" Race'

'Shorts Of The Day'

'Super Mario Kieren'


"Too Easy"

More pics of the day HERE and HERE!

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