Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cranky Franky

So as mentioned before we sorted out a little roll for our spritely young crew... Train to frankston and then a wind-assisted ride back to the city.

After some blog and text discussion about starting times we met up and snagged tony as we hustled for a then delayed train out to the burbs.

Whilst discussions on the train varied from old roadie tricks to watching ipod versions of MASH we kept an eye on our big pile of bikes and gathered strange looks from other passengers.

A brief delay to pick up up more liquids (who knew a cup of coffee would take so long to prepare) we were off out of town.

Our fearless leader Hans had us all well warned about blowing red lights... only for us to blow the first one we came too.

After a little routing confusion we were settled onto a nice flowing ride back towards town.

Smelling the sea air was a great treat and the sun shone down hard making the faster descents a relief.

Stopping blackrock to refuel and check out bike attire... some of us found deals on now needed gloves while others eyed off lycra and new hats. we knew we were almost home (despite the odometer indicating we were only halfway) as this was now familiar territory.

the pace kicked up as people chased roadies and teamed up for mini-pacelines... and then another stop at a soon to close bike shop for tyres and a promise of future deals.

St Kilda loomed and the group spit with some off to the north and some to the east, each for food and tales of km travelled.

good times!

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