Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Crankston


Francis McAvoy said...

you caught a train?

why didn't you ride there you pussies :)

cam diamond said...

We will next time.

Some of the people have not done a 60km ride, so a 120km could of killed them.

Everyone did really well and made a great day.

I will be out this week due to sickness... But I will have a ride planned for 2 weeks away.

Eyes Wild said...

can anyone ride?

nikcee said...

eyes wild: yes, assuming you have a bike, you can show up and ride. but fixed gears are the usual style. a warning... once you see them kids rollin' you'll want one yourself.

cam: how do you know on thursday you will be sick on sunday?

Benzy said...

c,mon cam ,no sick days,i dont think you have any left bro.hit the streets mate.