Monday, February 23, 2009


so while i continue to forget about uploading my shots from frankston last week i thought i'd throw up some quotes ive found in the past week and a funny image i stole...

oh, and after a communication mix-up i ended up on the 'smaller' cranky ride on sunday. not so much shorter in distance, more in the fact that there were 2 fixed gears (both brakeless) and 8 freewheels. it's totally doable fixed... would just need some more group riding experience and a little more advance notice. lycra and water are a must.

"I believe that the ultimate fixter is yet to be discovered, and that it is in fact a Colnago Extreme Power featuring a bare seat tube, no seat, and rubbing Zipp 808 clinchers ground down to accept hard rubber wheelchair tires, and that the flat bars are so short that it's easier to steer the bike 'horsey-style,' by running a rope through the hollow tube and pulling the rope to go right or left. Yes, it has a front brake lever, glued to the front tire, which makes the ride somewhat lumpy."

"If only I could ride my bike as well as I place on the BSNYC comment page, I'd be a Cat. 1 by now."

i think the latter one applies to tracko as well...

what would whitney do?

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nhd said...

old rules apply
1 meetup point then ride!