Wednesday, April 8, 2009

banning bikes on swanston? bring back john so, stat!

so i saw this on bottles n chains, but its enough to needa repost... their posts here go read it n click for the feedback to voice your opposition if u so choose, but basically Melbeans city council, in its aim to redevelop the city has various proposals, one being banning bikes from swanston street????????????????? dubyoo-tee-efffffffff


Benzy said...

what about banning hummers the fuckers,i almost got cleaned up by one last week!

cam green said...

i read that that is one proposal of about 7...who knows what could happen.

nikcee said...

it is 1 of 7 proposals and it also includes banning all cars from the street as well IIRC.

if they do try it, im sure you will see cyclists still salmoning up/down the street.

you can have your say here:
i recommend filling out the quick survey.

also benzy - i read last week that GM is looking to sell off or shutter hummer (as well as 1 or 2 more of their brands) as they are 'underperforming' in these tough economic times. be pretty glad to see it be shuttered altogether.

BIG SIME said...

Massive crack down on bikes around swanston st, collins st area.
I have seen groups of cops on bikes pulling over everyone and anyone on a bike.

urbanbicyclist said...

Hey all...

There's an consultation process going till May 8. The no bikes option (7) was included to keep the process "open" and stop the anti cyclists from discrediting the whole process. It's pretty obvious a better outcome for bikes will come from this. Even more so if you do the survey below.

Hopefully option 7 it will get even more people off their asses to do the council survey.

Here's a roundup.

Option 1 is the car option (with bike lanes), option 2 is the least change from now (with indented parking for deliveries) Option 3 is tram tracks to the side, bike path in the middle. Options 4 and 5 are pretty similar, tram stops like the GPO/Mall one every few blocks but with bike lanes/paths. Option 6 is Bourke St Mall-ish (no kerbs) with bike paths, and 7 is Bourke St Mall-ish with no bikes.

Remember, it's a 'consultation' not a 'vote' Some options cost $10-$20 million. It's still political, but council knows that they're dealing with thousands of cyclists every day (thousands of cyclists who wern't there when the street was last redesigned in 1992)

Any more questions, ask me urbanbicyclist (at) gmail

View the options hereDo the survey Here