Monday, May 11, 2009

You have been warned!



Josh.V. said...

- Cyclists must wear a helmet at all times.

- Cyclists cannot ride their bike on a tram track.

- Cyclists must obey all speed limits.

- Cyclists must have a bell on their bike at all times.

- Cyclists must stop and give way to pedestrians getting on and off a tram.

* what about brakes and reflectors and lights and all that crap ?? im sure some of us have been fined or know somebody that has been fined for not having brakes !!!!

nikcee said...

i know a couple of people who have been dinged for brakeless... but they focussed it on the ones that a lot of cyclists dont know. 90% of cyclists can't conceive of how you could ride with 'no brakes'... and i like it that way ;)

the dismount to use ped crossings one is the annoying one. at least for me...