Monday, July 20, 2009


Just wanted to say that yesterdays ride to Doncaster was awesome! Even though we stole the route from the Wednesday night ride, It was a new ride for most of us and what a beautiful day mother nature gave us as well. I really felt sorry for the 3 asian dudes who had to take their mate home when we got to Toorak - maybe next time we will warn you of where we are going before we actually do.

I will be In Brisbane for work this weekend, but I think we should try and find more trails like what we did on Sunday. Im sure Melbourne is full of them.


joshvita said...

doncaster !! for real ?? which way did you guys take to get there ??

Benzy said...

yeah was an awesome ride thats for sure,was good to get some hills in..

Calteoh said...

Can someone post a map of the route you guys took?