Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Headwind Sundays

Sunday's ride was cool. Didn't check out BOM so not exactly sure what the headwind riding out towards Epping was, but my on-board weatherometer gave me a reading of 1000km/h. Nice to see a rural side of Melbourne though, and the ride back towards the city was really cool! Nice hills. Probably not so nice when you're sliding down them on your ass with a mini-truck behind you though, right Ben? Hope your leg's okay.

I was actually so inspired by the farmland on the way out that I went home and sat right down at my easel and just let all the inspiration out onto a canvas. Check out the results. I'm pretty happy with them.

I know that recently it was proposed that we decide where to ride during the week, so come Sunday morning, we can get right down to business. With that in mind, I've mapped one out for consideration.

Check it here: Cranky Sundays Yarra Bend Loop

It's part road, part trail, but not too much trail, and nice when it is. Not terribly long, but the rolling hill section at the end on Yarra Boulevard will make you feel like you rode double that. And if you are super attentive, you'll see that it appears we wade through the Yarra at Fairfield. We don't, there's actually a pipe-bridge there.

P.S. Have you seen that video of the skater getting a gun pulled on him over at Fuck Cunts!? Intense.

P.P.S. If you haven't heard it yet, check out Diplo's pretty cool remix of Britney. Lets fucking party.


HANS-DC said...

That pic is awesome bro!!!

I can't wait for Sunday. Or Wednesday!

Phil said...

Word up.

That route is not long enough bro! We need at least 35km, that is only 17km! I will come back here with a suggestion before Sunday.


Nice pic!
Hopefully the weather forecast is clear.

benny tatts said...

Your painting captures the first leg of the ride beautifully, to illustrate the second you need a portrait of me trying to ride off with a twisted stem after bouncing off the bitumen, and for the end a pic of one of those cows minced up and steamed in a dumpling (sorry nik)

Great ride. My wounds are healing, anyone got one white long grip for sale?

Ian Human said...

It may only be 17km, but as said, the Yarra Boulevard is pretty gnarly and will make it feel longer. And it's a pretty nice ride too, bit of road, ride along the Yarra, ride over the Yarra, hard uphills, fun downhills - it's got it all!

That said, if something better is on the cards then I'm all for it. Or, we could add on an end section to lengthen it. Down Studley Park Rd, left along Nicholson, back down to the Capital City Trail, but go the other way into the city, end up at Botanical Gardens.