Sunday, August 16, 2009


I was impressed by the amount off people who turned up today! The ride got called and everyone followed through! Awesome guys!

The forecast said rain, thunder and hail...and to my shock and amazement people turned up wearing jeans and hoodies. Each to their own...but this was no day for jeans..oh no!!! There must have been about 30-40 mm of rain fall upon us on the way to franga. Im pretty sure every single one of us was wet matter how much gear we had on!

This is one of our cranky rides that will go down in history! not only for the distance and rain but for perseverance and team effort! Im pretty gutted i had to catch the train home! as a last min decision i tried to catch the pack only to remember a k or so down the road that i had a slow i limped back towards franga only to have my front tire blow out half way back. I Ended up having a lonely walk in socks (couldn't walk far in road shoes) through franga only to turn up to the station as the train pulled away. EPIC!

So with two flats and sore feet i finally arrived home to a hot shower!!!

Im pretty glad i came along, even with all the rain it was an awesome day and such a fun ride! Stoked!

EDIT- I added Hanson's pics here...H.


Benzy said...

yeah mate well said,super stoked,and credit to everybody not just riding in the most shocking weather we could have ,but loving it, and making it a positive day of riding with some cool cats..cheers.

Ian Human said...

Comfortably the most epic ride I've ever been on. Thanks everyone.

Stay tuned for the next ride in the Tour de Crankys series! It's already being planned!

nikcee said...

my phone is in a container of uncooked rice, drying as we speak...

i suspect sales of chamois will increase in melbourne this week.

benny tatts said...

I decided frankston return was too soft so i rode to Kinglake and back instead...

Then i woke up, looked outside, and rolled over to go back to sleep and do the cannonball in my next dream.

Sounds like it was fun despite the conditions, sorry i bitched out!

JAMS said...

s o r e k n e e s !

HANS-DC said...

We certainly picked the wettest day of the year to do this ride.

Im glad Nick and I decided to ride back with the rest. There were moments of doubt and frustration with my feet being so wet and cold....but we pushed on and it was well worth it.

Fuck it was fun. A little sore last night in the muscles, but feel fine today.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Good crew, great pace.

Those with pics, please post them up - or send them to one of us!

Chaz said...

Yeah - such an awesome day, was up till all hours last night trying to catch up on all the uni work I was supposed to be doing on sunday - but don't regret a thing!

love how we were practically the only group awesome (or stupid) enough to be out there, and who ever said that velour isn't suitable riding attire for 100+ k's!?

can't wait for the next TdC instalment.

Cheesman said...

Sounds like you guys had heaps of fun. I was really pumped for this but had to go to the Melbourne Uni open day. And now I don't get to ride a Cranky Sundays ride till September :(