Wednesday, October 14, 2009

roll, roll, roll your bike... sprinting down the clock

this sunday (yes i was typing too quick)
east brunswick club
lygon st, east brunswick

if you've been before you have a little taste, if you havent, top up your gear inches or line up a borrowed ride and come smash it in the easiest way outside putting training wheels on your dura-aces.

prizes from cycle underground, rays bike shop, brunswick CC and a few others... bragging rights free with entry.

i'll be getting off a plane shortly before it starts [heading straight there], so can someone lead the ride up to the pub?

get there on time to warm your legs up, have some practice runs on the rollers if you are nervous new to them.


benny tatts said...

yo isnt it on sunday? so we can meet at heist at midday and roll from there?

and i think this one is fixed front rollers? so no need to up the gear inches because everyone will be on the set up bikes?

brendan said...

benny, you'll still need to bring your own bikes. i'll have some smaller cogs you could borrow if you need...