Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Threat of the Multi-headed Beast

Who turned on the lights?
If it wasn't obvious from the turnouts to Fix Up Look Sharp and Roller Racing (let alone the rapid rise of the dark forces) this summer is looking to be a good one.

I just updated/corrected the date for the Mixer below (1st Nov, thanks for asking) but in the negotiations of when it could be we realised that the next month is packed more full than of biking goodness than is full of random lurkers.

Coming Up:
30 Oct - Death Becomes Her - All Girls Alleycat
1 Nov - Cranky Sundays/Sugar Spokes Mixer
3 Nov - whats the bet someone sorts out a ride/bbq for cup day?
6 Nov - Pony Bikes Movie Night!
8 Nov - Ladies Who Leisure
13 Nov - Psycho-X
20-21 Nov - Track World Cup
21 Nov - Ring Of Freakin Fire Alleycat/Events/Roller Racing
26-29 Nov - Bike Film Fest
Late Nov - The Revival Melbourne Premiere
Early Dec - Drag Races

This is your chance people... you wanted to get out there and have fun on your bike, now you have it. Don't mess it up. ;)


Benzy said...

I've also heard rumors of a courier cup also.

Benzy said...


PONY BIKES said...

Pony bikes movie nights friday the 6th of movember... ahem

nikcee said...

Sash: Updated!
Benzi: I too have heard these rumours ;), be nice to see some details.