Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benji Wagner

I can't remember if I, or anyone else posted Benji Wagner's photos on here. Hope not.

Check out the new work, photographing bike builders. And more than that, check out the New Zealand section, where a bunch of skaters like Kenny Anderson and Rick McCrank did a road-trip of NZ on bikes. Fucking sick. If that doesn't get you psyched to go do a big ride nothing will.


Benzy said...

its one of those dreams of mine to be able to build and ride a frame hand made by myself,maybee someday,even if its bamboo! nice shots.rad to see Tim hillier and by the looks of it mavey as well?,dudes i used to skate with a fair bit back in the day in the nz section.

nikcee said...

yeah... i think someone posted the trailer for the film. Hillary and Tim had the film screen in fixroy earlier this year and it was every bit as awesome as id expected.

benji has been doing some amazing work for signal cycles and embrocation magazine both of whom id happily hand over cash for their products.

and yeah benzy - tim h and mavey were on the trip, so was dylan doubt (who i rode with a little in vancouver). they are already planning next year... (itll either be the portugal coast or croatia). i have been tlaking to tim a fair bit about touring bikes lately.

Benzy said...

id be up for that shit man 4 shizzle.