Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Sale! $900

Unknown French Time Trial Frame 57cm (horizontal dropouts)
Chrome Forks
Nitto Pearl Stem 80mm
Nitto Udon Bars
Soyo Grips
Gran Compe Brake Lever
Shimano Ultegra Headset
Velocity Aerohead Wheels (front wheel radial spoked)
Gran Compe Hot Pink Tires
Sugino Messenger Chain Ring 48t
Sugino RD Cracks 165mm
MKS GR-9 Pedals
Black Turbo Saddle (not the Brooks as pictured, it was a gift, Jo would kill me)
Front and Back Knog Lights
Kryptonite Evolution Mini U Lock
It's pretty much the whole package, you can even take my helmet!


cam green said...

When did this blog become a forum to sell your shit?

Let one person do it and before you know it, this will be the next 'bay'.

benny tatts said...
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Benzy said...
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HANS-DC said...

Hey guys - Adam is one of the founding people of this blog and also one of the founding members of Cranky Sunday. Please show some respect.

Jonut said...

Thank you Hans. I wasn't aware there were rules for blogs.

adam said...

hans rules! sorry to make waves, spread the word, i'm moving next week, is ebay really worth it? i'm not on the pulse.

Pete Le Creep said...

fuck u, u fuckin fags, adam can post whatever he wants. if it wasnt for him and jonut(who happened to design the logo)
this blog wouldnt be here.

Pete Le Creep said...

damn straight

Ian Human said...
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Ian Human said...

Who the fuck is Pete le Creep?

I don't mind if Cranky crew sell their stuff here. It means Cranky crew get first dibs. But hey guess what Pete le Fuckhead, you're not Cranky crew. If you want to call people fags, come down next Sunday and give it a try you piece of shit. I'll make you a fucking fag.

Good luck selling your bike Adam.

Suck my fucking dick Pete.

nhd said...

oh dear...

everyone used to know everyone

Pete Le Creep said...

dont worry tough guy, ill catch up with u

HANS-DC said...

I think thats enough from everyone.

The only reason why this is a problem is the way people approached this. No need to preach rules and all that.

There is also no need for name calling by both new and old Cranky crew.

We are not 16 anymore.

anotherYOURmother said...

fixie's ... bringing hipster hate since 08 ...

shadow said...

Wow...are you guys kidding?
Pete, Adam, and Jo, were part of Myself, Simon and a few others that started this site, and crew. We started to allow people to hang out and ride with us because we wanted to meet others with similar interests, and create a positive community in the bike world that was full of ego and wankers...probably the reason you guys joined in the first place.
A lot of the original crew bailed on Cranky because it turned into a different model, rather than just a casual ride, its became competitive, that's fine, and I'm stoked on it. But to go after the guys that started this is not cool. And if that's the attitude that runs with Cranky's new school riders, id rather you didn't meet at the store. As I don't stand for that kind of ignorance. The people that are about Cranky's initial attitude towards people and riding are always more than Welcome.
Ian, Pete of one of my closest friends, and one of the most switched on guys you will ever meet, he runs very deep in Melbourne (maybe even more than Hans...haha), ...pick your battles a little better.

Benzy said...

i guess At the start of this post people were just basically commenting,but somewhere along the line it got personal,so personal it was between people that dont even know each other!! ( the internet can be its own worst enemy)i thought it was kinda funny at the start but now we all need to chill the fuck out,smash pots,eat parmas,ride,play 4 square and fuckin lax,melbourne has a fuckin rad bike scene and cranky is part of that,lets keep shit positive.

Ian Human said...

First of all, I don't care how deep someone runs, and I don't pick battles. If you unnecessarily call my friends fags, you're no friend of mine. And based on what you're saying shadow, that kind of behaviour would indicate an attitude that is in direct opposition to the ethos that was at the base of Cranky Sundays.

That aside, this is all pretty fucking petty, really. Yeah I over-reacted, but I was over-reacting to an over-reaction. Noone said anything that warranted them being called fucking fags. They were merely voicing an opinion, and did so in a fairly reasonable manner.

But, again, this is pretty much childish bullshit, and there's no need to spoil the great spirit that Crankys provides, so let me be the first to say Pete - I apologise for over-reacting, and hopefully this stupid fucking ordeal can be forgotten.

Word to all of your mothers.