Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cranky? Natural Progression or the end of Cranky as we knew it?

The beauty of Cranky, even through it's many transitions and transformations is the communal ride. Whether we ride to Franga or just down to the Museum. There has always been a ride involved. In a recent turn, Cranky has become just another Spoke Card in the Melbourne Fixed Gear Scene. Don't get me wrong, it has been awesome to be a part of this growing culture. The opportunity to compete in the odd Alley Cat, Roller Race or hit the Track has opened doors for many of the "Cranky Crew". But I'd just like to ask.. When did Cranky become just a meeting point? What happened to the Cranky Ride? Does every weekend need to be a competition? And most importantly, Is this the end of Cranky?


Benzy said...

Most of us have been hangin out man,theres been so many events on in the last couple months that most of us have been going too,weather its alleycats,rollers,bff,track world cup,disc keirin night,movie premieres,chillin at museum watching hans and the boys trick it up.if my homies are around and theres a fun event on or a good vibe i,m there,was good to see you rolling last week,its been a while since weve caught up. i dont see it as a competition,november is pretty much peak when it comes to events,partys etc ,theres allways rad new crew to meet and a good vibe at these events.i rekon melbourne has a fuckin rad bike scene and i consider cranky apart of this,i just want it to stay positive if you ever want to go for a roll man give me a holla.

Benzy said...

lets all get together before christmas,have some brews/barby.will post somethin shortly.

evisu said...

Good Point.. And it would be rad to have a Christmas Barby at some stage soon..

HANS-DC said...

Benzy nailed it on the head. Its been a hectic last couple months. Personally I have just been trying to cash in on the end of year gigs - hence not being motivated on a Sunday.

I struggle to get out of bed after my saturday night/morning shift, but I still turn up most of the time. But if majority wanna do something else, Im cool with it.

The last few weekends have been swamped with bike related events. I think its awesome that our crew has been involved and even placed well in most of these things. Its great that everyone takes pride in Cranky.

This also goes back to the argument a few months back about leadership. If no one wants to take the lead, the ride normally fizzles into hanging out and doing nothing. So maybe someone should just speak up if they are keen for a ride. Thats really all it takes.

I don't think Cranky is going to end. If all else fails Ill just take it to the tricksters, but thats not the point. Its always been a casual thing and will always be. I know Ill still be turning up to meet where we say we will....even if by then none of you ride anymore.

Really appreciate Benzy ringing me to say 'whassup' cos I wasn't there yesterday hey. Shit like that makes me feel like we are a crew.