Wednesday, December 30, 2009


There are plans emerging that this sunday a ride out to the waterslides at funfields be made.

I know that there has been some interest from the sugar spokes ladies... and the weather report is currently showing highs of 25C.

UPDATE: plan is to meet @ the museum at 8:30 for a rollout by 8:40. breakfast/coffee @ north island on scotchmer then head up to meet those people who are catching the 9:58 Epping train from flinders st. They will be @ Epping @ 10:40 (and will avoid most of the hills/cut the ride in half).

We should be there by 11:30-12. If you want to catch up with us along the way send me a txt (if you have my number, if not get it from someone) to locate us, but we will be riding up st george rd, then onto high st, then following plenty rd out to whittlesea (with a quick detour to Epping station).

a few hours enjoying the various slides, go karts and other attractions and then back into the city in time for beers/dinner.

bring your boardies, towel and some snacks (to give me ;])

anyone interested?


malks said...

sounds like a plan. i saw an ad for that place on tv the other day, it reminds me of gumbuya park

Mikey.yeah said...

im back from my nyd sydney adventure on satday so i reckon im down (another sunday free from work.... crazy....)

Mikey.yeah said...

ps their site says 40km from cbd.. still keen but could add serious length to the ride?

nikcee said...
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nikcee said...

google maps lied to me!

a recheck showed it is actually closer to 38km from the city.

it looks like there will be a train option for those who arent sure they can commit to ~80km each way.

it 'should' remove the bulk of the hills and cut the ride in half.

more details here

Benzy said...

i,m in,waterslides r rad!!

Gink_04 said...

im in if i can borrow a bike???, the frankinstien thing i build last wednesday is not safe.....

nikcee said...

Meet up details have been added!

More on the facebook event as well.