Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bye Bye Heist, Hello New Meeting Place?

Unfortunately The Heist has moved on..
It's about time we organised a new meeting place for the Cranky Rides.
Maybe we should put it to a vote?

There has been talk of meeting at Seven Seeds, which, in my opinion will be more of a time waster than a meeting place. But if we are going to meet at a cafe, why not make it somewhere central?

I think meeting in front of the Melbourne Library (or somewhere of the like) will make it a lot easier for newcomers to come and join us.

What do the rest of you think?


nikcee said...

i think the library is a bit crowded (or can be) unless we meet up on la trobe a bit. its open so not much shelter when it rains (as it always does). theres isnt a lot fo room for hans to do tricks either ;)

back of seven seeds (in the alley) has some potential as people can then not claim they need coffee, its open for doing tricks/avoiding the rain. i dont think the time wasting part will be any worse than currently unles people start ordering brekky there as well.

im open to other ideas as well (museum?)

Chaz said...

I'm for seven seeds. and I reckon if you really want to cut out the time wasting then pick a time for the ride to leave, and if anyone wants coffee and stuff you just rock up half an hour earlier.

Benzy said...

i heard the 2 dollar peep show booths on swanston street have room!!

nhd said...

Benzy, Shaft got knocked down last year!

While Seven Seeds is a great spot with room out the back, its just that little bit past the central CBD.
How about near that place on the top of Bourke and Swan, theres that undercover entrance to the parking space, room to trick, and coffee with a chance of it being spilled on the footpath by a waitress with a hangover.

Ian Human said...

Do you mean The Mess Hall? Top of Bourke by Spring? Wouldn't be the worst idea I ever heard.

Can't believe there's no more Heist.

Trigger said...

I vote that we meet in the toilets at Revolver at 12pm every Sunday.

nhd said...

bourke and spring thats the one.

theres still Heist, just on Brunswick st...

HANS-DC said...

Someone mentioned the Treasury Building.

But then someone else mentioned Collins Place - where the Sofotel is.

Personally I think this is the best idea so far (Collin Place) cos its got cover (from rain or the sun), its got a few diff places to get coffee breakky (not to mention the Maccas across the road, and its normally quiet on a Sunday, so won't get hassled I t would assume.

I think hanging out at a cafe/food place would be an inconvenience to the businesses cos we don't know how long before we get our shit together till we leave.

Trigger said...

Can we please sort this out so that people know where to go on Sunday.