Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey peeps, if you don't have much on tonight and want a cheap feed - come to Revolver for some thai food. They do a 50% off meals for traders and members - but if you're not a member, just come see me at the decks and ill give you a traders card to get the discount.

There is also a small designers market to check out tonight. I will be bringing some old records to sell as well as maybe a few pairs of shoes to move for cheap. Ill be there from 6 till 10-ish so you can come anytime.

They also cater for vegetarians, altho I'm not sure how vegan it is. One of the main managers is a full vegetarian and she eats there every other night so I know its kosher.

Hope to see some of you there!


Trigger said...

Sorry man, I'll be too busy dancing at the Al Green show!

Benzy said...

man this sounded goodive been hearing your name all over RRR all week,they pronounced your name wrong,but i,m sure you will be playing some chill beats.maybee next one.