Thursday, February 11, 2010


So guys and girls - Have we decided on a meeting place yet? Spoke to Benzy briefly and he said that Collins Place was full of junkies and that he was scared for his life. He did mention quickly that we should meet at the library tho.

What does all youes think?


evisu said...

I think the library is an awesome idea!
I suggested it a while ago but it was shot down.. Hopefully you have more luck fella..

Trigger said...

Collins place is fine, the only problem is that it is right near Mess Hall, and I reckon we will all just end up meeting there, so why don't we? There's some covered area's around there and easy access to coffee. Having said that, meeting at the library wouldn't be horrible.
Also, let's do some k's on Sunday.

Chaz said...

The librarys in a perfect possition but it isn't cool enough. I'm also wary of 'taking over' Mess Hall - it's not that big, and sometime we'll get 15 to 20 people at a crankys.

lets meet at my place. at like.. 5pm. with beers. we don't even have to ride.

Ian Human said...

On the river, in front of the rowing sheds. If it rains, there's cover under the bridge.

The square in the middle of QV.

I don't really care where it is.

Chaz said...

QV could be good. nearby coffee, nearby bike shop too.

HANS-DC said...

Im happy with the square in QV.

Benzy said...

ok cool,but QV is in the middle of have stairs on the side which is kinda a mall.for me the library works,whoever wants a coffee can grab one a minute away while heads chill o the grass,i think its a more nuetral meeting point,why walk your bike to max brenner and grilled for nothing.

HANS-DC said...

There is a Malaysian hawker type place in the square now. And also a new jap takeaway joint that is as cheap but better than don dons. Plus the square has benches and tables and IS a public place with a side entrance right there from little Lonsdale St.

But sure. Library it is.