Monday, March 1, 2010

Cranky Kits Part 2.


I want to get the ball rolling. SO, ive added my email so i can get everyones emails and start group mailing about stuff out side of this blog!

So email me your emails for a start, then anything else you may want to. Such as wanting to help design or find sponsers etc etc

The biggest hitch at this point is that we need 10 people willing to buy the same item. After that, anything goes. eg: if we buy 10 short sleave jerseys, we can then buy 7 knicks, 15 caps and 4 sets of warmers or what have you... (so have a wee think about that, but let it be known that we cant be going crazzzzy, the more items the more design work involved)

so get mailing and get saving!


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