Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterdays Cranky ride was pretty epic. Im not sure exactly where we went, but it was along the Yarra trail up to Templestowe via the single track path normally used by mountain bikers. I suppose I kinda get the whole attraction of cyclecross now, but something about riding off road on fixed made it super fun. Maybe next time we should pre plan ahead so at least everyone has a chance to change their bars to risers and tires to more than 23c Gatorskins!!! I wish we took some pics but I guess we were all having too much fun to even worry about it.


Trigger said...

That was heaps of fun. I'm stoked everyone got into it and rode hard. Hans that was some awesome half-pipe work!

HANS-DC said...


Benzy said...

i got up just before 5am to go to work!