Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rain, heavy at times this afternoon

Rain periods, heavy at times this afternoon and evening. Local thunderstorms.
Who's up for it? I got coated in a layer of filth riding from Fitzroy to Prahran earlier. Don't think i can handle any more today.
In other news, Trigger, Benny Dubs and me decided we should hit Franga again next weekend (March 14).


HANS-DC said...

I was there at noon. No one showed. Rained for 15 mins - not a spot after that all arvo.

Oh well.

Im out for Franga. The Hillbrick isn't done yet.

Benzy said...

was chatting with the boys also...was going to put on a post to make it official.will post it 2night unless you cats beat me too the way if you got even half the rain that we all got in bendigo yesterday you still would have been wet to the bone!

nikcee said...

In for a 'return to franky'.

I'll put the word out to a wider audience.

As long as people remember to bring spare tubes, rainjackets and stuff ;)

nhd said...

yes, been itching for one of these.
any hills too hard for 86inches?

Ian Human said...

It's pretty much flat the whole way there, you'll be fine.