Sunday, July 4, 2010



Was speaking to Benny Tatts and we want to do the event. I know I have been missing with rides cos i've been hanging with the tricksters, but this is something I said I would like to accomplish this year. Its been mentioned a few times amongst us, but nothing has come of it. Registration has closed for the big 250km ride, but is still open for the 240km and 100km ride.

Benny and I are def keen and will probably register by end of the next week, but I thought I should bring it up to see if anyone else is interested. The entry costs are much more than your average alleycat entry, but every public sporting event has some sort of entry fee. Totally understand if you think its too much to pay to ride with thousands of idiots.

Also I know you guys are all hardcore fit and think that if we do it, we should do the most kms or forget about it, but I personally wouldn't be able to ride 250kms in a day on fixed. I say 100kms is heaps and for me is def doable in a respectable time. I also don't want to write off myself for a week after just to do it.

So what do you say? Decisions have to be made real soon cos looks like they are closing entries pretty soon.

For more info - CHECK HERE

I think it could be fun if we rode together and at our own pace like we used to do on Sundays. Have a think peeps...


nhd said...

100kms easy
250kms would have to do a bit of catch-up training for that one!

Gink_04 said...

im in i'll be back in melbs by then

Benzy said...

the only reason i would do it is because you guys are doing it,but i wont be paying for it.