Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Be Announced...

...doesn't cut it anymore bros.

It doesn't need to be mentioned that the Sunday rides have fallen to the wayside recently. But it is completely understandable why it's happened. Some of us got a call from the hills that we couldn't ignore, others found 50 inches and G-Turns. It's great that everyone's branched off and focused on a style of riding that they really love, but that shouldn't mean that Crankys has to die a forgotten old man.

As much as I'm sure we all enjoy our own little niche, nothing beats catching up with the crew, grabbing a coffee and some food, and going for a laid-back ride and talking shit. Like the good old days (6 months ago?). So, that in mind, I propose that instead of letting Crankys fade to black, we evolve.

How about we set aside the last Sunday of every month to have a good old fashioned Cranky Sunday. I know that's a month away from now, but this weekend is too short notice, and I think it should be either the first or last weekend of the month so YOU DO NOT FORGET!

Any objections?

That isn't to say that we can't hook up more often than that, or plan special Cranky rides like Frankghanastan, but as long as everyone knows that at the very least we all hook up on the last Sunday, then we good.


liam said...

i rolled thru the meet point on sunday last, and there was no-one there, i've moved city-side now, so it only takes 10 minutes to get in, and i'm keen for some weekend rides.

nikcee said...

Last sunday of this month is the last Dirty Deeds. Without trying to hype my own stuff, there are more than a few Crankys guys who will tell you that the last 2 have been hilarious and worth turning up to.

You could still meet @12, roll the long way up to Brunswick Velo and grab beers/gatorades and get a good heckling spot for the CX race (2pm).

After that I'm definitely in for a monthly last sunday ride (and any other that emerge).

good lookin out Ryan!

Benzy said...

homies are homies it doesnt matter what were doin i,m not much of a trick man thats just me, but it never stops me rollin through the museum on the way to north side and hoping to see someone poppin it up.i guess when the weather gets better we can get some banter goin on a bit more too. im totally for it.

Trigger said...

I think this is a rad idea, let's do a mass roll out to dirty deeds.

I love youse all.

liam said...

ok, i'll come

HANS-DC said...


Ill try and convince the trick guys - but honestly, I think they will be too cool for this kinda hanging.

If they don't wanna come, Ill be there at least. Im sure Jack and Hanson would come too.

Lock it in!