Monday, November 17, 2008


Not that the Alleycat yesterday was crap (far from it actually).... more the fact that I'M crap. It was nothing and everything I expected..... especially the part where I came last, or what they laughingly call - DFL (Dead Fucking Last).  It was my first ever bike race of any kind and it reminded me of how unfit I actually am. 

All that said, it was a super fun day. I think 25+ racers at the start and everyone bar a couple finished the race due to punctures or what have you. For those who have never experienced one of these things before, yesterday was basically racing up and down the CBD about 8 times, from checkpoint to checkpoint - all in under 20 minutes. I think the winner might even have done it in even less time! Cars were honking, trams were dinging and people were cursing left right and center as this massive pack of idiots on wheels flew through every intersection and red light. We ended up at Flagstaff gardens for beers and snags, and where the final results were announced. 

The weather was awesome and everyone was super cool, from kids to couriers and every other random that rides track bikes on the street. Big congratulations to one of our own boys Luke, who came a massive third! I think the rest of the Cranky crew who entered placed in the middle somewhere. All in all a damn good effort (except on my part :( ). 

Also a big shout-out to the MDMA crew for putting on this event....Dimmos being the master of ceremonies. Cheers to everyone I met on the day for making me (and everyone else
) feel welcomed. Everyone had a great day and all kept it safe even tho I would have had a field day if I was a cop!!! 

I didn't get any pics at all until the race finish, and even then I was just to puffed to care. So here are a couple. To see more check HERE and HERE for some action shots of the day.

Dimmos of MDMA / Sausage Fest

And the most 'discussed/debated' bike of the day...

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Luke said...

great day, everyone seems like they had heaps of fun. although i can barely walk right now hahhaha.

the scavanger hunt alleycat next sunday will be alot more relaxed with the race focused more on knowledge and clues rather then actual speed (i think?), so it should be a nice fun way to spend the afternoon.