Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not sure sure what everyone wants to do this Sunday. As you know there is an Alleycat on at 3pm. At first I was excited about it, but some have said that its gonna be one of the hardest and most difficult ones to date. Having not entered one before, I'm not sure if wanna personally take this on. Maybe just do a few checkpoints instead of the entire thing? What does everyone think? We can always ditch the whole thing and go ride somewhere else otherwise.

On another note, the No Comply exhibition that opened last week was a success. Check out the link for the rest of the works and the opening night. This was our (BBot) contribution.


timbo said...

I'm cool to meet and check out some of the alleycat but i don't think i'm gonna race-besides im inegigible as im still running brakes.ha

Memphis said...

Also remember Little Creatures from 4 onwards for Jazz's last drinks

AND if you're not into Sunday sessions, Tuesday night at Blue Bar is my last drinks in Melbourne for 4 months.