Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Just got an email from Masa from HK saying hes organizing an exhibition which is going to be held in Taiwan on 15th of august.
the exhibition is about different fixed gear riders all around the world.
so he needs photos of the individual riders from melbourne
Any pose, any cycling cap, any bike, any wheels.
We need to do the shoot on the same wall, as the other contribution are in the same manner and this was a requirement, so the one next to the Heist will do fine, and its the only way to get everyone together at the same time.
It will be a single shot of each rider and his bike and a grou shot together.


The R said...

cute :)

cam green said...

a mate of mine has all the gear we need. portable flashes to set up a make shift studio etc etc(so you all look lovely) and hes a professional.

im sure he will be keen as.