Thursday, December 17, 2009


Fa'afafine is a third gender specific to Samoan culture.

Fa'afafine are biologically men who in childhood choose by their nature to be raised to assume female gender roles, which is not discouraged in the traditional fa'asamoa (Samoan society). The word fa'afafine includes the causative prefix "fa'a", meaning "in the manner of", and the word "fafine", meaning "woman"; and it is cognate with other Polynesian languages like the Tongan "fakafefine" or "fakaleiti", the Maori "whakawahine" or "akava'ine" in Cook Islands Maori, and the Hawaiian "mahu". Samoan slang mala or gay for fa'afafine is in less use being an abject derivation from the Samoan bible.

Favourite has to be Nik and no, hes not acting!

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