Monday, December 21, 2009


Yesterdays ride/bbq was heaps fun. Thanks everyone for a dope day! Big ups to the Cranky and Sugar Spokes crew for being awesome.

This vid looks like the best fun ever. I can't embed it for some reason but - HERE IS THE LINK!


Benzy said...

was a good day,rad mix of crew.

nikcee said...

amazing day (dare i say... epic?)

thanks to all the crew who came for the ride and those who showed for the bbq and many many beers... i was happy to pretend you were all there for me :P

and a special thanks to hans who officially owns the most 'popular' bike in melbourne... judging by how many people who took it for a spin.

oh and thanks to ryan for binning it in an amazing fashion on the bmx track

Chaz said...

yeah sweet day - pics (finally) here for ya'll.